Streetwear, the style of the cheeky, the fashion of belonging to the Millenials, for those who follow the wave of the moment. A fashion that was born for a few, the result of a trend that has been described over time, a characteristic that has been loved and that has joined the tastes of the most exigent people.
Currently we have examples of influential people and celebrities who master the world of fashion with brands belonging to youth culture and underground fashion. Moreover many streetwear creative directors end up coordinating cases of historical and luxury fashion. This, therefore, is the beginning of an even more influential growth.

We admit that we are passionate about seeing the photos of the paparazzi VIPs on the street as they are busy in daily chores, where in front of the icy winter we saw maxi oversized jackets and coats.
Who has never woken up in the morning with the desire to get out of bed pulling the duvet wrapped around his body?!
Today fashion, which search to realize our every most meticulous desire, opens the door to maxi down jackets: oversize, soft, colorful models, a combination of absolute comfort and trend.
Rihanna wearing an oversize down jacket

Down jackets very popular in the years of affirmation of street fashion, returned to stay and to be a constant inspiration for the current mood. The important thing is that they stay the absolute protagonists of the look, very multiform and combinable with any garment. It is the must-have of the season and drives us to risk and wear a large range of colors; combined with socks, lipstick, or a total black / white, they will turn the spotlight on our look.

And now the time has come for a basic question to finalize our choice: with the hood or not? Here habits are a certain master, but the sage choice always goes towards a multitasking product, a high-necked down jacket for the most rigid days it can be turned into a rever for a round neck effect to suit different looks. A down jacket with cuffs, because we don't forget the functionality as a first characteristic, to combat the entry of frost and make sure we stay warm.

Agata wearing Sveta Milano down jacket
In short, an innovative, which goes out of the ordinary, which prefers the asymmetry, because to be masters of the trend, sometimes you need to know how to get out of the symmetry of the rules.


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