Spring is officially here and once again as we see the world bloom we want to bloom right along with it and which better way to do it then with floral dresses?

You may find yourself asking are floral dresses in style for Spring 2020? Yes! Are they formal, semi-formal, day or night wear? Are they suitable only for Spring or are they also autumn wear? The answer remains a very enthusiastic yes! There’s no need for specific questions about floral dresses, they fits any outfit and they’re never out of style.

Red hair girl on a chair wearing a floral dress

Flowers are beautiful, they make us smile and think of sunny days, they are a symbol of the renewal of nature and have thus been used through the centuries to adorn and embellish, from the simple flower in a maidens locks to the intricate design embroidered on court dresses. And yet we never grow sick of them, they never cease to wow us.

This is why floral dresses are an evergreen in fashion, they are always in season! They are perfect as day dress or for more formal wear, at weddings and proms, for girls as well as for women.

Now if you are in doubt of which floral dresses to wear I invite you to take a look at SS20. All models come in two different colour schemes, white background with pink flowers, for the romantically inclined and black background with contrasting yellow orchids for more of a grunge look.

For a chic happy-go-lucky look, the Vicky dress could just be the right pick: a night in town with your friends or a day exploring old ruins and taking tons of pictures for the gram. The short dress with the long draping is both classy and sassy, sure to leave an impact.

Red hair girl wearing a white floral dress

Perfect for a formal evening the Saffron dress packs the right amount of upheaval in an elegant midi-dress. The draping swirls around the waist revealing a glimpse of sequin fabric that adds glitz to the evening. Dress it up with a pair of high heels and a fancy hairdo, or wear your hair down and boots for a kickass vibe.

The great thing about floral dresses is that even the simplest cut may become a show stopper because of its beautiful fabric. The Elizabeth dress does just that, a simple V-neck, a beautiful draping to compliment your body. Breezy and romantic in white it’s perfect for a first date or a classy brunch. But if you throw a blazer on top it would be an excellent business casual outfit.

It’s a little black dress, but make it floral. The Helena Dress is perfect for a party, cute and bouncy can go to romantic rebel to upper-class star with just a change of styling.  

Red hair girl wearing a black floral dress

Business on top, party down low. Few university classes and a meeting with your friends before going to the club? The Rosamund Dress is the right choice! The tailored shoulder balances the bit of glitzy fabric at the bottom giving a very put together but fun vibe.

Whatever you want to do, you are covered. So, what is your ideal flower dress?


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