Sublimating the need to live in a better world, far from the stale and conservative rules of a reality that struggles to evolve its business models, is the meaning of the journey we have decided to undertake. Precisely by virtue of this we have decided to abandon the weary ritual of seasonality to regain possession of a temporal dimension that is more in keeping with expressive and environmental needs.

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Our world, intended as a wonderful and enchanted 'Garden of wonders', will welcome the launch of immediate aesthetic chapters with strong, irreverent and impertinent expressive contents. We will go to the discovery of new linguistic codes, aesthetic syncretism and new communication platforms. Thus, we will set sail towards the unknown, full of ideas and possibilities, leaving behind all the semantic arsenal that has marked our world up to now: cruise, fall-winter, spring-summer.


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Two titles, 'The Garden of Dissidents' and 'The Garden of the Incorrigible Skeptics', and many accompanying chapters to reveal the beauty imprisoned in reality. The speech will therefore become more personal. In this journey, we will pay more and more attention to sustainability issues and we will no longer use the lever of sales to rationalize out-of-control production. In doing so, we would like to tie our destinies to yours, knotting the frailties to infinity where things are most beloved.

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