About Sveta Milano


Since 2019 Sveta Milano has been creating collections able to define a maverick style by playing on fabric and color juxtaposition, irregular shapes and strong design.

Its debut collection Fall Winter ’19, was presented and awarded at White Milano with Inside White Award because of its ability to revive news trends in a new and original way

It aims to affirm its luxury and grunge DNA by reinventing outerwear, knitwear and dresses with an eclectic touch that is deeply influenced by underground and metropolitan worlds.
Sveta thinks over the feminine wardrobe in order to satisfy an even more conscious and empowered girl. Each item is Made in Italy.


Sveta was born in Russia. Fashion was an early passion for her. After years working for some of the most important fashion brands such as model, she decided to attend the Marangoni Institute in Milan.

2019 is the turning point, she starts her own Sveta Milano brand. The name, the same given to the designer by her closest friends and now by the 'fashion industry' is a meaningful one for the label. It captures the spirit of this adventure: dynamic and friendly in approach and style.

Its unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of femininity by creating comfortable silhouettes through a conscious cross-pollination between luxury and grunge elements. Its collections are favorable welcomed by buyers and international press thanks to her gentle and strong soul.


"The set of characteristics that describe a woman is infinite, unlimited, sometimes paradoxical, but always compelling. For a fashion designer, it is a world to explore without respite, to try to grasp, through clothing, the true nature of the feminine spirit.

It's essentially a question of perceiving femininity as a designer and, in particular, of understanding it as a woman. 

Ultimately, this is my research. It is great satisfaction when I realize that my idea of femininity coincides with a woman's desire. For me, there's nothing more thrilling than the feeling of being able to give an answer. 

I believe that today femininity is expressed in movement, which passes through the fluidity and delicacy of volumes. I like to watch women as they walk and move, and to feel the vibration of the body when the fabric falls in a certain way. The femininity that interests me has to do with vitality and dynamism.

I love to see a woman who interprets my clothes and makes them her own; I like that it amazes me for how she wears them. It is this primordial aspect, the instinct of seduction that excites me. I am happy that my clothes become part of the lives of women and do not belong to me.

I like to think that women wear my clothes to show their strength. I love the idea that my clothes protect women by giving them a certain power"

- Sveta -