Supporting slow fashion is about more than positively impacting the environment. It’s about making a choice to support the people behind the clothes, to choose quality over quantity, to choose longevity over trends. We regularly witness our society’s obsession with consumption and the constant need for more. This ultimately just leads to more waste. Rather than supporting this narrative and the pressure to keep up with the never ending and ever changing trends, we decided to slow down and change our habits. Slow fashion is about more than clothes. It’s about the story behind your clothes. The reason slow fashion resonates with us is because it's one step we can take to alleviate some demand on the earth and prevent harmful impacts. We can't go wrong with a slower approach because:

1. it reduces resources;

2. it gives us more time to do research that might make way for new, zero-waste technologies (think: closed loop manufacturing).

Nancy dotted silk dress | Limited Edition


Slow fashion can lead to better conditions for workers because business practices come under more scrutiny. While this doesn't have a direct scientific correlation to the planet, We think when humans are treated fair they will channel their sense of happiness into how they treat the earth - better. We advocate for Slow Fashion through our collections yet: “The Garden of Dissidents”, the first title telling Sveta Milano story through Spring/Summer drops (the chapters), and “The Garden of the Incorrigible Skeptics”, the other one telling it through Fall/Winter drops, and call on both brands and consumers to help change the industry. Our call to action is #SlowDownSvetaMilano.

Oxford silk floral dress | Limited Edition 

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