I'm in love with sequin dresses! Ok now that I said it, we can start. Do we all agree that they're an easy way to elevate your party wear? And let's being honest, glitter colored dresses can bring some shimmer to your Friday night thing. Friends telling you to dress casual? Do your own thing in a standout sequin dress!
The Attcio sequin dress

If you tend to save your sparkles for the festive season, then that's all going to change next spring. In both London and New York, sequins have reigned supreme on the SS20 catwalks, coming in many incarnations, adorning shoes, dresses, trousers, blazers and accessories.
Instagram's sparkle filter has done nothing to stop the sequin revolution either, with front-row regulars using it in their droves as they showed their love for fashion runway!

When you’re not a movie star it’s more likely you’ll be layering an outfit and one piece will be sequined. You might have a gorgeous sequin cocktail dress for a night out with your BFFs and throw a cropped jacket over the top, or you might layer a sequin jacket over a cocktail dress in regular fabric. Either way girls, one piece with sequins is enough. You will be a star!

Some tips? Chiara Dress of course! The very special cut of this dress makes it easily adaptable to many occasions and different contexts. Wear it with heels for evening or alternatively with black boots. These fun glitter dresses are the best way to stand out, and they can easily work for family parties, fashion events, and wild nights out. It all depends on the sparkly dresses you choose and the way you style them! This blog post will set you up for those shining outfits, which are perfect for being a star!
Chiara sequin dress
Too sexy? Then try wearing it in a super casual key, pairing it with sneakers. The wonder of these dresses is that they really lend themselves to a thousand variations and interpretations of style, from the most edgy to the more understated.

Can't wait to create my sequin outfit, can you?


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